The Independent Education Union of Australia (IEUA) is disappointed that the Federal Education Minister has again chosen to overlook teachers and their unions by again failing to put expert educators from the teacher unions on the Board of AITSL.


It is unequivocally clear that the agenda of AITSL could only be enhanced by engaging with, dialoguing with and being respectful to the teacher unions who represent over a quarter of a million teachers across the country.


The Board has education and registration authority bureaucrats, representatives of employer and principal associations, a teacher education representative and an education writer.


Still the Board remains deficient in expert teachers nominated by the teacher unions.


History has shown time and time again, in countries around the world and here in Australia, that progress on the significant agenda items facing the AITSL Board can only be achieved in concert with the profession.


To continue to sideline the profession time and again will only serve to undermine the work of AITSL.


The IEUA believes that the new Board members should show their support and respect for the teaching profession and decline their positions until the teacher unions are provided seats at the table.


Chris Watt

Federal Secretary

Attachment : IEUA Speaks on New AITSL Board