Despite the effusive welcoming by employer organisations, the school funding announcement made by the federal government (Thursday 20 September) still fails to deliver.

The model does not deliver the promise that this government made when it sought election in 2013.  It has not upheld the principles, commitments or necessary measures that were established, and committed to by the federal government, arising from the Gonski panel funding review.

Most schools, government and non-government are not and will not get the monies promised in 2018 and 2019.  The commitment to the student resources standard will not be met.

The announcement locks in unreasonable and irresponsible limits on teacher and staff salaries and conditions for at least the next five years and, likely for 10 years.  All at the very time government should be doing everything it can to attract and retain quality staff. 

The model locks in hopelessly inadequate funding for students with disabilities whose learning needs are still not properly measured and resourced.  The model means more students with disabilities getting less.  This is a matter of national shame.

The announcement largely only adjusts the transition process and timeframe.

A transition to an unfair, inadequate and dishonest school funding outcome.

Chris Watt

Federal Secretary

Media Release: School Funding Fails to Deliver