On International Women’s Day, IEU members call out Workplace Gendered Violence

What is Workplace Gendered Violence?
Workplace gendered violence is any behaviour, action, system or structure in a workplace that causes physical, sexual, psychological or economic harm to a worker because of their sex, gender, sexual orientation or because they do not adhere to dominant gender stereotypes or socially prescribed gender roles.

Gendered violence includes:

  • Violence experienced by women because they are women;
  • Violence experienced by a person who identifies as LGBTIQ;
  • Violence experienced by a person because they don’t conform to socially prescribed gender roles ordominant definitions of masculinity or femininity;
  • The witnessing (without taking appropriate action) of gendered violence directed at someone else, such as a co-worker.Gendered violence involves many of the following aggressive behaviours and actions that systems and structures and workplace cultures enable:

Offensive language and imagery Gaslighting
Ostracism and exclusion
Sexual innuendos or insinuations Intimidation

Physical assault, Sexual assault

Put downs
Being undermined in your work or position Rude gestures
Sexual suggestions or unwanted advances Verbal abuse

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