The IEUA believes that it remains a national disgrace that infant mortality rates, life expectancy and key education outcomes for First Nations’ people remain at unacceptable levels. 19th March 2020 is Closing the Gap Day. On this day, IEU members call for action on improving the health, education and employment outcomes for First Nations’ People. 12th Report to Parliament On 12th February 2020, Prime Minister Scott Morrison delivered the 12th Closing the Gap Report to Parliament. Almost every year, a Prime Minister delivers a report and states that the country needs to move on from a deficit approach. Each year the failures and the inability to make a significant impact on the Gap is reported. This year was no different. The 12th Closing the Gap report exposed the wide gulf remaining between aspiration, and over a decade’s worth of failures to bring health, living and education standards among First Nations’ people more into line with those of the general population IEU Speaks Closing the Gap 2020