IEUA Speaks on Quality Initial Teacher Education Review


The IEUA has made submission into the Quality Initial Teacher Review; particularly highlighting that quality initial teacher education cannot be supported in a situation where staff and schools are considerably time poor and struggling with inadequate resources Background Instead of engaging with IEU members on the issues significantly impacting the profession, the Federal Government has once again sought to make political gain from education policies. On 11 March 2021, the Hon Alan Tudge MP, Australian Government Minister for Education and Youth, delivered a speech which announced his intention to launch a review looking at the next evolution of reforms to initial [...]

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IEU Speaks on ILO Violence and Harassment Convention 190; Still Waiting For Government Action


Though the 21 June 2020 represents the 12 month anniversary of the ILO Convention on the Elimination of Violence and Harassment at Work, the Federal Government is yet to take any steps towards its ratification.  Background Last year, this ground breaking convention was successfully negotiated and adopted overwhelmingly at the International Labour Organisation in Geneva.   The two-year negotiation included ACTU and other world trade unions, ILO member governments and employer organisations. The ILO Convention 190 and Recommendation 206 established for the first time an international standard to prevent and eliminate violence and harassment at work.  It places obligations on governments to [...]

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IEU Speaks on World Refugee Day. 20 June 2020


20 June 2020 is World Refugee Day On this day, IEU members call attention to the plight of those fleeing conflict or persecution and remind governments that all people seeking asylum are entitled to the full range of human rights and protections. World Refugee Day is an international day designated by the United Nations to honour refugees and asylum seekers. It acknowledges the strength and courage of people who have been forced to flee their home country to escape conflict or persecution. Currently, there are at least 70.8 million people around the world who have been forced to flee their home. [...]

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IEUA Speaks on COVID-19 Is Not Gender Neutral


The COVID 19 pandemic is deepening pre-existing inequalities, exposing vulnerabilities in social, political and economic systems. The year 2020 marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action and was intended to be ground breaking for gender equality.  Instead, the spread of COVID -19 pandemic has placed at risk the limited gender equity gains that had been made in the past decades. Pandemics and their resulting economic shocks affect men and women differently Emerging evidence on the impact of COVID 19 suggests that women’s economic and productive lives are affected disproportionately and differently from men. Across the globe, women earn [...]

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IEUA Celebrates International Education Support Staff Day


On 16th May 2020, IEUA will join with the international education community to celebrate the essential role of Education Support Staff Education Support Staff undertake vital and varied roles in our schools, from administrators to librarians and student learning aides. The work of education support staff greatly enhances and supports quality education and has proven to be particularly important during the demanding times caused by  the  COVID 19 pandemic On 16th May, the IEUA calls upon all non government school employers to Respect Recognise and Reward education support staff in their schools

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Federal Government Irresponsible Funding Proposal. Extorts Schools. Compromises Safety of Staff and Students


The Federal Government’s attempt to use funding arrangements to force non-government schools into transitioning away from remote learning is divisive and destructive wedge-politics. The IEU is deeply disappointed to see education funding yet again being used as a political weapon, particularly at a time when our staff and students need consistency, clarity and support from all levels of government. We call on non-government schools to reject this irresponsible federal government proposal, which brings no new funding or support to the table, compromises the safety of staff and students and seeks to exploit short term financial concerns. We call on state, territory [...]

Federal Government Irresponsible Funding Proposal. Extorts Schools. Compromises Safety of Staff and Students2020-04-29T11:33:30+10:00

Letter to Prime Minister, seeking urgent response


In correspondence today the IEUA requested  the following assurances and commitments from the Federal Government: • Abstudy funding for all school students be maintained irrespective of modes of education delivery • Schools be eligible as employers to make application for JobKeeper based upon demonstration of a 15% loss of revenue instead of 30% • Arrangements to ensure that all early childhood education providers are supported to ensure their continued viability during the crisis • Systemic arrangements for the availability of appropriate PPE and enhanced levels of cleaning. As of this moment schools are experiencing severe shortages of appropriate PPE equipment across [...]

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IEUA Calls For Respect For School Staff


The IEUA Federal Executive has today urged school employers and governments to act with concern for and commitment to the health and safety of everyone in our school communities. Our schools and their staff have already acted professionally and capably to ensure that students and their learning are catered for during this crisis. Our members have responded magnificently to the need to ensure schools cater for the children of those workers who have nowhere else to be cared for during the day and for those children at risk in our community. In extraordinary circumstances and tight timeframes staff have developed opportunities [...]

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Closing the Gap 2020


The IEUA believes that it remains a national disgrace that infant mortality rates, life expectancy and key education outcomes for First Nations’ people remain at unacceptable levels. 19th March 2020 is Closing the Gap Day. On this day, IEU members call for action on improving the health, education and employment outcomes for First Nations’ People. 12th Report to Parliament On 12th February 2020, Prime Minister Scott Morrison delivered the 12th Closing the Gap Report to Parliament. Almost every year, a Prime Minister delivers a report and states that the country needs to move on from a deficit approach. Each year the [...]

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IEU Speaks on Campaigning for a Better Workplace


CAMPAIGNING FOR A SAFER WORKPLACES On International Women’s Day, IEU members call out Workplace Gendered Violence What is Workplace Gendered Violence? Workplace gendered violence is any behaviour, action, system or structure in a workplace that causes physical, sexual, psychological or economic harm to a worker because of their sex, gender, sexual orientation or because they do not adhere to dominant gender stereotypes or socially prescribed gender roles. Gendered violence includes: Violence experienced by women because they are women; Violence experienced by a person who identifies as LGBTIQ; Violence experienced by a person because they don’t conform to socially prescribed gender roles [...]

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