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/2017 News

Secretariat Report on 2017 Activities


The following provides an outline of the issues and challenges which the IEU has been actively addressing through 2017. Secretariat Report December 2017

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IEU calls upon the Federal Government to take immediate action and provide access to food, water, electricity and medical supplies to those men remaining within the detention centre located on Manus Island. IEU Federal Executive Action The IEU Federal Executive has endorsed the following resolution and urges all IEU members to call upon Australian politicians to take responsibility for these vulnerable human beings by providing immediate access to the water, food and electricity, medical supplies and protection and safety.  The IEU Federal Executive; Expresses grave concern at the current situation in Manus Island detention centre where the remaining 600 refugees and [...]


IEUA Annual Return of Information 2017


IEUA Annual Return of Information 2017 IEUA Annual Return of Information 2017 Disclosures 2017 Disclosures

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The Rules Don’t Work For Working Women


CHANGE THE RULES FOR GENDER EQUALITY AND ECONOMIC SECURITY The rules do not work for working women. Women make up 46.2% of the Australian workforce, yet women continue to earn less than men, are less likely to advance their careers as far as men and accumulate less superannuation savings. 4 SEPTEMBER 2017 IS EQUAL PAY DAY.This day represents the number of extra days women have to work after the financial year in order to earn the same amount that men earn in twelve months. On this day, IEU members join with members from other ACTU unions to demand action to change [...]

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IEU Speaks: Postal Survey On Marriage Equality


The Australian Government has proposed a postal survey on the question of Marriage Equality.   It is disappointing that the Federal Government has abrogated its responsibility as the nation’s law-makers to deal with this issue in a professional and sensitive manner consistent with their elected role. The IEU believes that the Federal Government should have provided an opportunity for all members of parliament to debate an appropriate Bill and exercise a conscience vote.   As a consequence of the Federal Government’s failure to act, IEU members are concerned about the potential divisiveness that this survey-process could cause in schools and in [...]

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Paid Family And Domestic Violence Leave. Why It Is Needed. Why We Won’t Wait


Family And Domestic violence is more than just statistics. It is about the lives of women and children.  We know the statistics about domestic and family violence. We read them each day in our newspapers, see the figures on social media, and listen to the stories on current affairs.   But family and domestic violence is more than just statistics. It is about people. It is about the immediate and future safety of women and children.   It is much easier to survive and escape violence if you have money. Women who are working are more able to survive a violent [...]

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Balancing Family and Work. A New Workplace Rule is Needed


The nature of work and families has changed significantly in the last two decades.  It is time for our workplace rules to change.   Recent decades have seen profound changes in the Australian workforce. The majority of Australian families rely on two incomes and many employees juggle unpaid caring work with paid work. The struggle to balance work and caring needs is an ongoing and serious challenge.   Both men and women should have access to secure, good quality flexible working arrangements.   However, our workplace rules haven’t kept up with the changing nature of work and family responsibilities and we [...]

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Federal Council Funding Statement


The IEUA Federal Council, at its meeting on 24 May 2017, released a statement regarding the Turnbull Government's proposed school funding model currently being debated in Federal Parliament. Read More    IEUA Federal Council statement on School Funding     

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Media Release. IEUA Welcomes ALP School Funding Commitment


The IEUA welcomes the commitment of the ALP to fund and meet the obligations and contracts of the current school funding model   The IEUA notes that the decision of the Turnbull Government to abandon the "unity ticket" commitment to meeting the funding needs identified in the Gonski review is dishonourable. The funding shortfall announced by the Turnbull Government of $22 billion will impact on the most needy in our school communities It is a nonsense to believe that there are currently sufficient resources to meet those identified needs including students with disabilities, Indigenous students and students in rural and remote [...]

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