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Balancing Family and Work. A New Workplace Rule is Needed


The nature of work and families has changed significantly in the last two decades.  It is time for our workplace rules to change.   Recent decades have seen profound changes in the Australian workforce. The majority of Australian families rely on two incomes and many employees juggle unpaid caring work with paid work. The struggle to balance work and caring needs is an ongoing and serious challenge.   Both men and women should have access to secure, good quality flexible working arrangements.   However, our workplace rules haven’t kept up with the changing nature of work and family responsibilities and we [...]

Balancing Family and Work. A New Workplace Rule is Needed2019-04-23T10:33:06+10:00

Federal Council Funding Statement


The IEUA Federal Council, at its meeting on 24 May 2017, released a statement regarding the Turnbull Government's proposed school funding model currently being debated in Federal Parliament. Read More    IEUA Federal Council statement on School Funding     

Federal Council Funding Statement2019-04-23T10:33:14+10:00

Media Release. IEUA Welcomes ALP School Funding Commitment


The IEUA welcomes the commitment of the ALP to fund and meet the obligations and contracts of the current school funding model   The IEUA notes that the decision of the Turnbull Government to abandon the "unity ticket" commitment to meeting the funding needs identified in the Gonski review is dishonourable. The funding shortfall announced by the Turnbull Government of $22 billion will impact on the most needy in our school communities It is a nonsense to believe that there are currently sufficient resources to meet those identified needs including students with disabilities, Indigenous students and students in rural and remote [...]

Media Release. IEUA Welcomes ALP School Funding Commitment2019-04-23T10:33:20+10:00

IEU Federal Election Declaration 2017


Post Election Report 2017    IEUA Federal Election Declaration 2017   IEUA Response to E2016-281      

IEU Federal Election Declaration 20172019-04-23T10:33:27+10:00

Closing The Gap: 2017.


Closing The Gap: 2017 Australia is failing on six of the seven target areas to improve Indigenous disadvantage. In 2006, Australia’s peak Indigenous and non-Indigenous health bodies, non-government organisations and human rights organisations initiated the Close the Gap Campaign to achieve equality for health and life expectancy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by 2030.  Close The Gap Campaign The campaign was deemed necessary as Australia has one of the world’s worse life expectancy gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. As a response, the National Indigenous Reform Agreement was agreed by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG). The Reform Agreement [...]

Closing The Gap: 2017.2019-04-23T10:33:33+10:00

Paid Family And Domestic Violence Leave: A Workplace Right That Will Save Lives


One woman each week dies as a result of domestic violence. More than 400 000 women and men experience domestic violence each year. 65% of people who experience domestic violence are in the workforce. (Broderick, 2011)  In the month of November, IEU members will campaign with other union members across Australia for paid family and domestic violence leave.   […]

Paid Family And Domestic Violence Leave: A Workplace Right That Will Save Lives2019-04-23T10:33:43+10:00

School Funding. Yes, it is about the money


Unfortunately the school funding debate, perhaps shouting-match is more apt, has dissolved into the sad and unhelpful imbroglio of half-truths that plagued us for three or four decades before we (almost) all settled on a new ‘model’. Let’s be clear at the outset of the IEUA’s bias in any contribution. The IEUA wants a funding model that ensures certainty, after all our members want job security.  The model needs to ensure that there is capacity to meet the learning needs of all students, so that our members can do their work with all the necessary resources to allow every child to [...]

School Funding. Yes, it is about the money2019-04-23T10:33:49+10:00

Open Letter to Non Government School Employers. Plebiscite on Marriage Equality


IEUA members are concerned about the potential divisiveness that the debate on Marriage Equality could cause in schools and in particular the hurt and harm that could be caused to their students. In partiuclar, IEUA members are concerned that schools could provide fertile grounds for damaging speech in the community during the upcoming debate on Marriage Equality. As such, the  IEUA has written to all non-government school employers seeking a public commitment not to use schools for the dissemination of information either in favour or against the  marriage equality debate. Open Letter to Non Government School Employers Plebiscite on Marriage Equality [...]

Open Letter to Non Government School Employers. Plebiscite on Marriage Equality2019-04-23T10:33:57+10:00

The Ask


The Independent Education Union of Australia, representing over 75,000 members in non-government education, calls upon all federal political parties to commit to the essential matters ahead of the next federal election.  Responses are currently being received from the various political parties.         […]

The Ask2019-04-23T10:34:04+10:00

The Trans-Pacific Partnership. A Case Study In The Democratic Deficit


The implementation of the TPP will fundamentally limit the capacity of Australian governments to protect and preserve the quality of education in Australia. The IEU has joined with other national education unions, AEU and NTEU, and education unions internationally to condemn the Trans-Pacific Partnership.   […]

The Trans-Pacific Partnership. A Case Study In The Democratic Deficit2019-04-23T10:34:16+10:00