Today’s announcement of additional funding for all schools by the Australian Labor Party (ALP) should it be elected this year has been welcomed by the Independent Education Union (IEU).

 IEU Federal Secretary Chris Watt said Labor’s commitment to provide an extra $4.5 billion to all schools in 2018 and 2019 as well as additional funding to support for students with special needs was a significant step in ensuring quality education for all Australian students.
“For too long, IEU members in Catholic and Independent schools across the country have been working under a cloud of uncertainty when it comes to funding to schools, particularly for the years 2018 and 2019.” Mr Watt said. 

“The ALP’s education policy, Your Child. Our Future, provides the certainty and commitment needed to ensure sustainable school funding which meets the needs of students and schools in delivering quality education.



“When it comes to students with special needs, in many instances, teachers and support staff in Catholic and Independent schools have been forced to ‘make do’ with over stretched resources. 

“The ALP’s policy would provide the additional funding needed for essential resources, individual support of students and access to professional development – all of which our members working with special needs students have been calling on the current government to provide.

“Our members also welcome the commitment to ensure that State and Territory Government are held accountable to provide school funding at appropriate levels.  

“It is important all stakeholders, including governments and education providers, work together to ensure the provision of quality education to all Australian students. 

“The IEU looks forward to continued consultation with the ALP in further developing education policies which are in the best interest of our schools, our students and our members,” Mr Watt said.