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The IEU and its state branches have a long history of activism around issues which affect not just the industrial and professional rights of our members but also the legal, political and human rights which must prevail in any democratic and civil society.

Dispossession Not the Answer

IEU Statement re current Indigenous Affairs

IEU Response to the Inquiry into the Northern Territory National Emergency Response Bills

Indigenous Education Targeted Assistance Act 2000

The Children of the Sunrise

Indigenous Links

Various indigenous links for your information:

Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation (ANTaR)
ANTaR is a coalition of community groups and individuals, seeking to address the important issue of justice for Australia's Indigenous people. ANTaR is responsible for the Sea of Hands art installation which is currently touring Australia. News, media releases, documents and reports are available from the site.

Reconciliation Australia - Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation (CAR)
The Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation through this page provides information about events and activities across Australia during the National Reconciliation Week. Other resources on the CAR website include links to the Roadmap for Reconciliation, publications, discussion papers and documents, speeches and media releases.

Lore of the Land
An interactive website seeking to reconcile spirit and place in Australia's story. It has been produced in partnership between Indigenous and non-indigenous people. The site provides information about land issues, indigenous culture and reconciliation. It includes student forums for reconciliation and land issues, teaching activities and a teacher forum, games, news updates, facts and stories.

Message Stick - ABC Indigenous Online
The ABC Indigenous gateway is a collaboration between Indigenous departments in Television and Radio and is also included in the Aboriginal Employment and Development Program (AEDP). The site is a guide to up-and-coming programs on Television and what is new on Radio. The site focuses on Indigenous issues, news, music and arts. The Events section provides information on major Indigenous events across the nation. Articles, profiles of Indigenous people, cultures and beliefs, and online forums are available from the Black Telegraph section.

Speech to the ATSIC Treaty Conference 2002

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