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Enhancing Quality Learning Environments

ieu enhancing quality learning environments

The capacity of teachers to provide quality learning environments for students does not sit in isolation from the resourcing and enabling structures which are the responsibility of schools, systems, and governments. It is crucial that teachers are adequately supported in their work through the provision of key enabling factors such as :

  • Adequate levels of resourcing and support
  • Adequate levels of staffing and workforce development to meet the full needs of all students, including the employment and development of a broad range of occupational specialist groups working in schools and support services
  • Flexible classroom environments appropriate for individualised learning and school structures that enable professionals to work in teams
  • Fair and reasonable workload agreements, including adequate time release from face to face teaching, appropriate class sizes, access to and time for professional learning activities and reduced administration duties
  • Comprehensive strategies to tackle inequity, particularly for Indigenous, disadvantaged and special needs students
  • Adequate Interagency Support

IEUA Statements of Principles

Equity and Inclusiveness
National Curriculum
Assessment and Reporting
Early Childhood Education
At-Risk Students
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