The Independent Education Union of Australia expresses condolences to the family and school community at Corpus Christi College, UK, where teacher Anne Maguire was stabbed to death in front of her class. 

 "This incident is especially tragic in a profession that should be respected, rewarded and honoured in communities," said Federal Secretary Chris Watt. 
Anne Maguire was well-regarded by her colleagues and an inspiration to her pupils. In a tribute published in The Guardian UK, Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett writes: 
 "At a time when the power of teaching is not fully appreciated, certainly not by the government, it's important we show our gratitude to the people who taught us, some of whom, essentially, helped to bring us up... (teaching) is not just about targets and league tables and parroting facts; pastoral care is paramount, and transformative."
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The Independent Education Union of Australia condemns a report released by the Centre for Independent Studies, which advocates fees for public school students from high-income families.     
Federal Secretary Chris Watt said the non-government teachers union was bewildered by the assertion that less funding provision for Australian education amounted to better educational outcomes for students. 
"Tax cuts under previous governments have already served to put the budget under pressure," he said.
"This is not a time for tearing apart our social fabric. It's time for governments to fund Australian education, not cut contributions; ensuring its legislative obligation to provide an equitable and excellent education for all Australian students."    
"This proposal is misleading and potentially destructive." 
"Like health, public education is central to Australia's social agenda and there is an absolute necessity for governments to commit to ensuring adequate income for funding social goods and services," Mr Watt said.
The IEUA calls on both sides of politics to commit to the building of social capital and the ongoing commitment to providing Australian students with the highest quality education.     
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Despite already making a financial commitment to the provision of quality education, parents and school communities will face the additional burden of financing the demand for new schools.

Independent Education Union of Australia Federal Secretary Chris Watt said the Gonski report had called for additional funding for capital works, arguing that the needs of all schools should be taken into account including the development of new schools and maintenance work in existing schools.

“This recommendation has been entirely ignored in the “Gonski” funding model put forward by the previous government,” Mr Watt said.

“Consequently there has been a massive shortfall in capital funds for all schools especially Catholic and independent schools.

“This is particularly problematic when considering the need for new schools in growth areas, and the role that the non-government sector will play in fulfilling that new demand.”

The IEUA continues to alert the Federal Government regarding a lack of capital funding provision in the new funding model. 

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Thursday, 15 May 2014 00:04

Less Paperwork Burden for Teachers

The Independent Education Union of Australia welcomes a new opportunity for review of current reporting and accountability requirements on Australian Schools.
Federal Secretary Chris Watt said the non-government teachers' union was supportive of possible legislative amendments that would reduce regulatory burden on members and employers.
He said the IEUA hoped the Australian Government's recent call for submissions would bring about a new focus on education outcomes for students; the core business of schools.
"The biggest opportunity arising out of this review is a reassessment of the paperwork burden currently placed on classroom teachers and school principals. 

"We also hope this review paves the way for a further conversation about how we can use technology and other resources to better help teachers and principals manage the current overload of administrivia " Mr Watt said.   
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The Independent Education Union of Australia today applauds the Catholic School’s Office for their sincere and generous commitment to establish a bursary scheme for refugee students. Read the IEUA's full release here.

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In light of recent media reports detailing the Independent Education Union's fight for increased support for teachers supervising university students in the classroom, Federal Secretary Chris Watt highlights the importance of delivering a high quality initial teacher education program. Read the full piece below:  

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NSW/ACT IEU Branch General Secretary John Quessy features in today's Sydney Morning Herald, highlighting the importance of quality teacher practicum. Read the SMH article here

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014 03:41

Teachers needed for Cyber Bullying Survey

Teachers and principals are being asked to partake in a survey that will ultimately help policy makers manage cyberbullying. Take that survey here.  

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014 00:18

IEUA's Federal Executive uncontested

Results for the Independent Education Union of Australia’s Federal Executive election are now available here

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Tim Lyons gave a truly inspiring speech last Friday at the Australian Unions Organising Conference. In his closing address, Mr Lyons spoke about the need for change as we face a new frontier of powerful forces challenging the "basic role of trade unions and the legitimacy of an organised worker voice." Read his full speech below: 

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