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2012 Audit Report now available

The Independent Education Union of Australia has received its 2012 Audit Report. A copy of this document can be read by clicking on the link below.

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The Independent Education Union of Australia has vowed to lobby against a potentially huge workload increase for teachers in non-government schools.

IEUA Federal Secretary Chris Watt dubbed absurd and nonsensical comments made by Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Monday proposing an “individualised learning plan” for every Australian student.

He said massive increases in the reporting requirements of schools would only add yet another layer of workload burden and red-tape to the working lives of teachers.

“It is apparent from Sunday’s announcement that quite a number of schools will get little or no extra money and yet be required to undertake a host of extra reporting requirements,” Mr Watt said.

“In fact 57 separate actions have been identified arising from the National Schools Improvement Plan.

He said extra work was likely to be undertaken by already overburdened teachers, clerical and administration staff in schools across the country.






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Rights for all Australian Workers

Independent Education Union of Australia

April 8, 2013


Proper conditions for Australian and migrant workers should come first with regard to the allocation of 457 visas to skilled migrant workers.

In response to public debate regarding the suitability of the visa scheme, Independent Education Union of Australia federal secretary Chris Watt said current discourse needed to be infused with a reminder that appropriate conditions come first.

“To some participants and commentators, the debate is about the protection of local jobs in favor of Australians, however we consider it more important that whoever gets the job receives adequate training and is employed on a suitable contract with appropriate rates of pay and fair conditions.”

“Discussion regarding the dispensing of visas to skilled migrant workers should not encourage the xenophobic, anti-migrant, dog whistle approach we are currently seeing in public discourse.”

“Schools, like other industries, have been the beneficiaries of highly skilled, experienced and competent workers on visas for many, many years.”

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The State and Federal Education Ministers meeting on Friday provides a genuine opportunity for government stakeholders to clarify their execution of the Gonski recommendations, particularly in relation to funding.

While the Independent Education Union of Australia supports a new funding model for Australian schools in 2013, in which loadings are based on school size and location, and extra money is provided for socio-economic status, Aboriginality, English language proficiency and students with disability, the Australian Government needs to be more specific about the way in which the education reform will be funded.

"The foundations of Gonski are critical, and as yet there is no understanding (let alone commitment of funding) as to how any of it will work,” IEUA Federal Secretary Chris Watt said.

“There are still big holes in the data, for not only loads but the base funding.

“There needs to be more certainty in relation to funding allocations, to ensure our member’s job security and quality of work.”

Media Contact: Penny Bradley 0429 020 409 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Media Release - 25 August

The Minister for Education, Peter Garrett needs to clarify his remarks in relation to school funding and send a message to all schools that their funding is guaranteed in real terms, including Catholic and disadvantaged schools.

The IEU Federal Secretary, Mr Chris Watt said at face value it appears Minister Garrett’s speech to a principal’s conference this week used an example of a school which receives extra funding to educate disadvantaged students in order to highlight funding disparities between all schools.

“It is apparent that the Minister was referring to Sydney schools which caters for disadvantaged students, as they are the only non-government schools which receive the amount mentioned by the Minister in this week’s speech,” said Mr Watt.

The only non-government schools receiving $13,000 per student in funding are schools which receive additional targeted funding such as Giant Steps in Gladesville NSW, which caters for students with autism or Our Lady of Mt Carmel at Waterloo which has 60 per cent Indigenous students and 61 per cent of students from families in the lowest socio economic quartile

"Schools which cater for predominately disadvantaged students are generally acknowledged to be underfunded, and should not be used to make political points.

"Without clarification by the Minister, the confusion about funding arrangements will continue to contribute to the propaganda of partisan and prejudiced critics of the need for fair funding for ALL schools.

“Minister Garrett’s address does not reflect the fact that both government and Catholic schools are funded as whole education systems, and then redistributed to the schools on the basis of need.

“It is alarming to see a review about the way all schools are funded seems to have turned into a review of the way catholic and independent schools are funded.

“Schools communities are concerned that the Minister is trying to soften the Catholic and non-government schools for a cut in their funding,” said Mr Watt.

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The Independent Education Union is encouraging all schools to get registered and start preparing for the 2011 National Literacy and Numeracy Week (NLNW), which starts on Monday 29 August.

Federal Secretary of the IEU, Chris Watt said NLNW is a great initiative which is a fun and interactive way for students and teachers to learn and think about reading, writing and numbers.

"The 2011 theme of 'The Fundamentals are Fun!' will help to impart the message to students that not only are reading, writing and numbers important, but they can be exciting.

"We also welcome the announcement of Jackie French the new Literacy Ambassador, and comedian Simon Pampena, ‘The Maths Man,’ is the Numeracy Ambassador, and encourage them to get involved with all schools across Australia.

"I know our teachers find NLNW a great way to get our kids thinking in new and innovative ways about the fundamentals, which are key to good education.

"A number of schools have already registered, but I would urge all schools to register and start building excitement and anticipation across the school and the local community," Mr Watt said.

Visit the NLNW website has a number of useful resources for teachers at

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