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IEU calls upon the Federal Government to take immediate action and provide access to food, water, electricity and medical supplies to those men remaining within the detention centre located on Manus Island.

IEU Federal Executive Action

The IEU Federal Executive has endorsed the following resolution and urges all IEU members to call upon Australian politicians to take responsibility for these vulnerable human beings by providing immediate access to the water, food and electricity, medical supplies and protection and safety.

 The IEU Federal Executive;

  • Expresses grave concern at the current situation in Manus Island detention centre where the remaining 600 refugees and asylum seekers have been denied access to food, water, electricity and medical supplies.
  • Notes with concern the UNHCR provided evidence that the alternative detention facilities on Manus Island are not ready for occupation,  not able to provide necessary security and/or have insufficient capacity.
  • Condemns the federal government and the opposition for their lack of compassionate action in the serious matter of the refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island.
  • Calls upon the federal government to comply with the United Nations 1951 Convention regarding the Status of Refugees and ensure the immediate supply of food, water, electricity and medical supplies to the 600 men on Manus Island.

Further, the IEU Federal Executive calls upon the Federal Government to permit immediate resettlement in those countries which have humanely offered assistance.

IEU Member Action

IEU members are asked to

  • Contact the Prime Minister (by calling 02 9327 3988 or emailing )    
  •  Contact Hon Bill Shorten MP ( by calling 02 62774022 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
  •  Contact your  local Member of Parliament (

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