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Paid Family And Domestic Violence Leave. Why It Is Needed. Why We Won't Wait Featured

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Family And Domestic violence is more than just statistics. It is about the lives of women and children.

 We know the statistics about domestic and family violence. We read them each day in our newspapers, see the figures on social media, and listen to the stories on current affairs.


But family and domestic violence is more than just statistics. It is about people. It is about the immediate and future safety of women and children.


It is much easier to survive and escape violence if you have money.

Women who are working are more able to survive a violent home life. They have the financial means to escape a violent situation.


Work can provide women with space where they know they are safe. It allows them to talk with others and come to an understanding that there is an escape from the violence.


Many women are forced out of paid work because of violence.

Many women resign, or terminated from their jobs, because they need to take time off work to deal with injuries to themselves or to their children. They need time to attend appointments with counsellors, police, or real estate agents.  They may not be able to attend work as they have been prevented from leaving the house by the perpetrator of violence.


Women are unable to undertake the activities associated with making safe arrangements for themselves and their children when their financial security is under threat.


Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave is needed.

Paid family and domestic violence leave is essential for working women who are living with violence;

  • While they are living with violence
  • At the time of preparing to leave a violent home life; and
  • At the time of escape from a violent home life; and
  • After a woman has left a violent home life .

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Action is needed now. We won’t wait. Women can’t wait.

It is time to tell our political leaders that 10 days paid domestic violence leave is vital and must form part of the National Employment Standards.


IEU members are asked to sign the petition below calling for the inclusion of 10 days paid domestic violence leave into the National Employment Standards.

Make Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave a certainty for all.   We won’t wait because women can’t wait.