Friday, 12 May 2017 01:22

Media Release. IEUA Welcomes ALP School Funding Commitment

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The IEUA welcomes the commitment of the ALP to fund and meet the obligations and contracts of the current school funding model


The IEUA notes that the decision of the Turnbull Government to abandon the "unity ticket" commitment to meeting the funding needs identified in the Gonski review is dishonourable.

The funding shortfall announced by the Turnbull Government of $22 billion will impact on the most needy in our school communities

It is a nonsense to believe that there are currently sufficient resources to meet those identified needs including students with disabilities, Indigenous students and students in rural and remote areas.

It is a slur on Australia's highly competent and professional teachers to suggest that the issue is about 'quality' not dollars

The needs of students are manifest and this Government achnowledged those needs prior to its election.

It is pleasing that at least one party, the ALP, is standing up for those commitments and the principles of the original Gonski review


Chris Watt.  IEUA Federal Secretary




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