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IEU Members Fight To Protect Quality Education

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The IEU has lobbied the Australian Government to reject the inclusion of educational services into the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA)

In recent correspondence sent to Hon Andrew Robb MP, Minister for Trade and Investment, the IEU has outlined the threat that exists to Australian schools from the TISA given that the broad scope of the Agreement means education services could be impacted directly or indirectly

“Australia has a strong and vibrant educational system where state education systems and publicly funded faith based and independent schools work as partners to deliver quality education to students.” said Chris Watt, Federal Secretary.            

“Central to this delivery are the strong regulatory bodies which exist in each state and oversee teacher registration and curriculum development"          

"The inclusion of education into the TISA raises significant and serious concerns. Trade rules are legally binding and can open the door to the commercialisation and privatisation of education.”

“This will undermine the existing regulatory safe guards of our education system and limit Governments from regulating the actions of any overseas corporate providers of education.”




TISA Fails Teachers

Working conditions and job security of IEU members will be placed at risk by TISA unless education is exempted.

Unregulated working environments put downward pressure on wages and conditions of employees in schools.

IEU members know too well the difficulties that can exist when an employer seeks to under value their contributions and reduce their working conditions

The non-exclusion of education in free trade agreements will expose IEU members to exploitation by corporate companies as profit will be placed above the delivery of quality education

Australia currently has little to gain and too much to lose from TISA

It makes no sense for trade policy trade offs to regulate education. Further action is planned and IEU members are encouraged to lobby their local MP and ask the question "Will you protect quality education and exclude education from the Trade in Services Agreement.

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