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Principal Health and Wellbeing Survey - No Surprise At All

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The results of the 2014 Principal Health & Wellbeing Survey reinforce the arguments that the IEU has been making on behalf of Principals for many years; More Support is Needed.

Federal Secretary Chris Watt said that School Principals are facing significantly greater intensification of work, more complex issues and quite unreasonably greater levels of offensive behaviour.

"It is imperative that employers act on this information and provide substantially increased support mechanisms and access to other services, including services for students and their families, to relieve the unfair burden on Principals."

"Too often employer ‘support’ is indistinguishable from the appraisal and performance review proceses that Principals face."

"The data from this survey is not new and employers must not again ignore the recommendations."

"The IEU’s Branches look forward to working with employers as negotiations around Principal workplace agreements are carried out in coming months."

Contact: Chris Watt 0419 259 143v

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