Monday, 03 November 2014 22:16

Students with Disabilities Need Leadership from Education Ministers

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The revelations in the report to Education Ministers on unmet and unrecognised need of students with disabilities is no surprise to schools; the surprise is the failure to lead.

Federal Secretary Chris Watt said that schools, teachers and parents are only too well aware of the education needs for students with disabilities and the failure of current funding settings to meet these needs.

“Keeping an important report ‘secret’ does not help the school sector contribute to and be part of the solution.”

“We know that the costs are substantial, but this is a fundamental question of the rights of children to a quality education.  It is essentially a moral question.”

“The IEU’s campaign for these students asks the question of all federal politicians: we care, do you?”.

“Unfortunately education ministers have squibbed the question.”

The IEU’s campaign can be found at


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