Friday, 31 October 2014 01:03

IEU welcomes prevention of funding cuts for Students with Disability

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The Independent Education Union of Australia welcomes proposed legislative changes to the Australian Education Amendment Bill.

Most significantly, and in light of the IEU’s current campaign for the urgent redress of the unmet educational needs of students living with disabilities, the IEU welcomes the amendments to correct failings of the current funding model. 

Despite the bill’s prevention of funding cuts from January 1 next year for students with disability in some special schools as a result of the transition arrangements, IEU Federal Secretary Chris Watt wishes to remind the Australian Government that the needs of students with disabilities remain unmet. 

“Students with disabilities remain significantly under-funded, and ours is the sector in which this deficiency is most strongly felt,” Mr Watt said.

 “Avoiding cuts to funding for students with disabilities is only a first step,” he said.

 “Independent schools, in particular Catholic schools, have seen a significant increase in the number of students with disabilities in recent years,” he said.

“We require not only a few tweaks to correct current failings, but an inclusive change in attitudes, sound leadership and the creation of robust policies supporting additional funding to address a gross deficiency of support for students with disabilities.”

 The non-government teachers union also welcomes any changes to reduce administrative burden on school teachers and principals.

 The IEU hopes the new legislation will successfully pass through the Senate in the coming weeks.