Wednesday, 15 October 2014 03:47

IEU supports general Curriculum Review recommendations, and urges immediate action to address learning needs of Students with Disability

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The Independent Education Union of Australia expresses its resounding support for recommendations regarding improved accommodation of students with a disability, contained in the recently published Review of the Australian Curriculum.

“The non-government teachers’ union is currently campaigning for adequate resourcing of students with disability in Australian schools,” Federal Secretary Chris Watt said.

“Students with disabilities remain significantly under-funded, and ours is the sector in which this deficiency is most strongly felt.

“The report stands as an example of how this gross deficiency of support has contributed to a systemic failure to accommodate students with disability in an inclusive manner,” he said.

The IEU also supports suggestions to correct the “over-crowded” curriculum and the sensible application of cross-curriculum perspectives.

“There are some interesting contradictions in the report however, such as a recommendation for a “back-to-basics” approach but simultaneously arguing for a focus on holistic education and deeper learning,” Mr Watt said.

The IEU encourages further acknowledgement of teacher capacity and quality as the key driver of student performance, and in this regard encourages the Australian Government to provide additional funding to attract high-quality candidates to the profession, and to ensure the provision of ongoing training and professional development for teachers.

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