Tuesday, 19 August 2014 02:54


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Non-government teachers have been denied a voice in vital discussions regarding teacher education, following the exclusion of the Independent Education Union of Australia from a roundtable meeting in Perth tomorrow.

The roundtable, convened by Federal Education minister Christopher Pyne, will focus on teacher education to support students with disability and learning difficulties.

 The IEU has been excluded from the event, despite requesting an invitation, and despite the presence of employer associations and universities.

 “The IEU represents the professional and industrial interests of its 75,000 teachers and staff across Australia,” Federal Secretary Chris Watt said.  “Their voice needs to be heard at that table.”

 Mr Watt said the IEU had been calling for a roundtable to discuss teacher education issues for many, many years.

 “It is extraordinary, and very disappointing, that the teaching profession is excluded, again, from these consultations,” Mr Watt said.

 The purpose of the roundtable is to inform current policy considerations including how initial teacher education can best equip teachers entering the profession to support and drive strong outcomes for students with disability and learning difficulties and how ongoing professional development can ensure that teachers in schools have access to up-to-date evidence and information to support this student cohort.

 These are central and fundamental issues of importance to IEU members.

  • IEU members run the practicum for pre-service teachers. 
  • IEU members support beginning teachers in their induction and professional growth and development.
  • IEU conducts professional development for members to support inductees and mentors.
  • IEU conducts professional learning to support members meeting the Australian teaching standards.


The IEU urges the Education Minister to think again – surely the roundtable isn’t afraid of teachers.