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Federal Election 2013

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In mid July the Independent Education Union of Australia wrote to a wide spectrum of political parties seeking their response to key issues facing IEU members in schools and early childhood education. Each state branch contributed to a list of election questions to be put to federal candidates. The list included: Labor Party, Liberal Party, Nationals, Greens, Katter’s Australian Party, Palmer United Party, Nick Xenophon Group, Wikileaks Party and Independent Andrew Wilkie. Parties were asked nine questions. Now, over 70,000 teacher members can read up on party policy before casting a vote at the September Federal Election. Responses will be posted to our website as we receive them. Our union asked the following: Based on your funding policy, what additional money will be received by non- government schools in 2014 over and above 2013 funding? If elected, will any IR changes planned by your Party create additional barriers to our organisers in assisting our members in their workplaces? What actions will you take to lessen teachers’ workloads and support them in their work? Given the continued growth in enrolments in the non-government school sector and the consequent unmet demand for additional schools and school buildings, what will you do to ensure additional Capital funding for non-government schools? Many schools are keen to further their commitment to make their school community a more environmentally friendly place. What resources will you provide to help schools make these changes? To support the quality education agenda in Australian schools, what specific resources will your government provide to ensure provision of and access to high quality professional development to teachers to build on their skills and knowledge to further enhance their classroom practice? What will your government do to change the incorrect and unfair language and vilifying debate with respect to refugees seeking asylum in Australia? What is your commitment to increasing the superannuation levy to 12% for all workers and what support and timeframe will you put in place? What will your government commit to ensuring that qualified teachers in early childhood education are paid equivalent to teachers in schools? Responses received to date, from the Australian Labor Party, the Greens and the Clive Palmer United Party (as of 19 August) are available in the document below.

Federal Election Party Round-Up 

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