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School funding regulations increase teacher workload

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THE Catholic education system has agreed to sign on to the Better Schools Plan, formerly Gonski, after securing a reported extra $600 million in funding for the sector. Despite new confidence for Catholic educators on funding, the IEU continues to approach with trepidation the true impact of the new agreement on the working lives of teachers. A copy of the press release can be downloaded here. 


The proposed Australian Education Regulations likely to be finalised in the next day or two will increase workload and compliance for all schools immediately even though there is now general agreement that very few additional dollars flow in the next couple of years.

Federal Secretary Chris Watt said that the Regulations that underpin the new school funding arrangements between the federal government, the States and Catholic and Independent school employers make explicit the expectations being put on schools.

While some of the regulations are not new, there is plenty of additional work and reporting required, additional powers for the education Minister and questions about the degree of micro-managing by the federal government.

“Disappointingly and just like the ʻnegotiationsʼ over the funding dollars themselves, these discussions about the regulations have again been held with different, separate groups under confidentiality arrangements.”

“Unfortunately it would seem that there has been little attention focused on the regulations and in particular the implications of the School Improvement Plan until recently.”

“The IEU is not confident that there are real additional resources from 2014 to meet the expectations of the plan, including additional resources for mentoring beginning teachers for instance.”

“Nevertheless, the IEU is putting every employer on notice that significant increased time allowances and professional development opportunities will be expected from 2014.”

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