Monday, 20 May 2013 01:55

Union reflects on this week's NAPLAN testing

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Australian students in Years 3 and 9 last week sat for NAPLAN, the nation's largest basic skills testing scheme.

IEU Federal Secretary Chris Watt has reflected on the relevance of the scheme in a new opinion piece which reveals some of the union's findings about how teachers actually use NAPLAN results.  

He writes: If the purpose of NAPLAN is about diagnosis and remediation, then we need to change the way we use the testing scheme’s results and the way we understand its function and value. 

As a means of tracking educational achievement, there is essentially nothing wrong with NAPLAN, it’s what we do with the information once it’s collected. It’s time to reconsider what the test hopes to achieve, and revisit the most effective ways of helping kids in the classroom.

A full version of the opinion piece can be accessed by clicking here.

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