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Business Runs A Dishonest Debate around IR Laws

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3 May 2007

"The fact that 'big business' including business unions like the Business Council of Australia, the Chamber of Commerce and AIG aren't happy with Labor's proposed changes should surprise no one" said IEU Federal Secretary Lynne Rolley.

"The fact is the Howard Government's WorkChoices laws are unfair and the Australian community knows it" she said.

"The clear intention of Labor's proposals is to redress the entirely unfair advantage that Howard's laws have given employers and a majority of Australian workers and their families want them to do this."

"Fortunately many employers have chosen not to treat their employees unfairly" said Lynne Rolley.

"It is disappointing that the media has chosen to ignore the fact that one of the largest employers in the country, the Catholic Church, has not sought to implement the excesses of Howard's laws and moreover have made strong statements about the impact of the WorkChoices laws"

In a recent address to Church employer representatives Bishop Kevin Manning stated that: "there is a Catholic position on industrial relations, and it is nothing less that the preservation of the balance between the rights of employers and employees. When this balance is tilted one way, and the disadvantaged are denied redress, the Church must speak."

"It is a shame that the media is not listening to this business leader" said Ms Rolley.

Equally Lutheran Education Australia policy states that: "We do not see any advantages in AWAs for our teaching staff since such agreements are alien to the collaborative community culture that forms the Lutheran school. We also believe that there is a power imbalance with such agreements and any presumption of equality in negotiations is false."

"Why doesn't the media report this business view?"

"The fact that some employees in Western Australia are enjoying the fruits of the resources boom courtesy of wage arrangements well in excess of the normal market rates does not excuse the unfairness suffered by many, many vulnerable workers under Howard's laws."

"Put simply the Howard laws are unfair and his government needs to be removed so that fairness can be re-legislated" said Ms Rolley

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