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National curriculum needs to tell the real story of Australia’s Indigenous history

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MEDIA RELEASE - Monday 26 September 2011
The union representing teachers in non-government schools has called on the Australian Government and Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) to review the treatment of Indigenous history within the national history curriculum.

Federal Secretary of the IEU, Mr Chris Watt said, a number of teachers and interest groups have concerns about the lack of importance given to Indigenous history within the new curriculum.

“We want the government and ACARA to properly discuss any issues with the experts, take into account the concerns of the Sorry Day Committee and get the history curriculum right before it starts being taught in our schools,” said Mr Watt.

“ACARA should be ensuring that there is confidence from the majority of stakeholders that the teaching of our Indigenous history is properly recognised.

“You cannot give Australian kids a watered down version of our history.

“The real facts about the treatment of Australia’s Indigenous people need to be taught, including and especially the treatment of the Stolen Generations.

“In terms of recent Australian history, the Stolen Generations is a significant event, and highlights the treatment of Indigenous Australians over a long period of time, and Australian children need to be taught these facts.

“We know that there is only so many things that can be taught in a year of schooling and there needs to be a balance, but Indigenous history is Australian history and ACARA on this issue have more work to do,” said Mr Watt.

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