Wednesday, 06 February 2013 02:55

Dispossession Not the Answer

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“The fact that Australia’s Aboriginal peoples remain at the bottom level of every economic, health and social indicator is unacceptable and should be a source of national shame.” said Independent Education Union Federal Secretary Lynne Rolley.

“Changing this must be a national priority and Australians need to commit to support courageous policy to tackle together the issues that continue to divide this country.”

“But this can not be achieved by dispossessing the indigenous peoples in this country” said Ms Rolley.

“Worse still, this Government seeks to label any opposition to its model, its legislation, as being tantamount to supporting child abuse. This is scurrilous behaviour” she said.

While it is critical that additional resources have been put into communities in the Northern Territory and that both the Federal Government and Opposition have focussed on the problems, the answer does not lay in a modern day version of invasion.

“Security of family, of health, of property, of employment along with attention to basic needs such as food, housing and water are as critical, if not more critical than any attention to ‘law and order’“ said Ms Rolley.

The current Federal Government approach is more likely to increase the gap between Indigenous people and the wider community and ultimately leads to further dysfunction and alienation.

“Further, the Federal Government adds insult to injury by introducing over 500 pages of legislation, with no consultation and indicates its intention to rush it through the Parliament with as little debate and consideration as possible” she said.

“This continual gagging of our Federal Parliament by this Prime Minister is undemocratic” said Ms Rolley

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