The Independent Education Union of Australia (IEU) will form a coalition later this year in response to the Australian Senate failing to address the under-resourcing of educational needs of students with disabilities.   
It is a nonsense that professions like medicine, law, nursing and engineers have their own professional body but teachers remain the playthings of government policy. 
Spending a further two years in study at university, predominantly in theoretical or ‘research’ work is not what teacher education needs, according to Federal Secretary Chris Watt.  Increasing teacher training to a six year qualification has the odour of filling university seats rather than what’s…
The Australian Government should commit the same level of resources to all teacher trainees and support to schools to assist in mentoring and early career development as it does per capita through the Teach for Australia program.  
WE SUPPORT STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES. WILL YOU?  The Independent Education Union of Australia (IEU) today launches their Students with Disability campaign which will see IEU members sign and send a postcard to their senate representative, demanding that the Abbott Government direct additional federal budget funding…
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