In its submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Childcare and Early Learning, the IEU has condemned many of the draft Report recommendations for failing to support the development of quality early childhood education. Read our submission here. 
Across the country, distressing stories clearly show that Students with Disabilities are not receiving the support in classrooms that is their right. 
This Friday is Equal Pay Day This date illustrates the number of extra days women have to work after the financial year in order to earn the same amount that men earn in twelve months.  September 5  2014 commemorates the day when women’s earnings “catch…
Non-government teachers have been denied a voice in vital discussions regarding teacher education, following the exclusion of the Independent Education Union of Australia from a roundtable meeting in Perth tomorrow.
The need for an expert review of NAPLAN is now more apparent than ever, and has been highlighted further by this year’s low-test scores in writing skills on account of testing problems.
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